Posted by: Upāsaka | 02/29/2016

Paticca Samuppada

II. Paticcasamuppada


Avijja-paccaya sankhara. Sankhara-paccaya vinnanam. Vinnana-paccaya nama-rupam. Nama-rupa-paccaya salayatanam. Salayatana-paccaya phasso. Phassa-paccaya vedana. Vedana-paccaya tanha. Tanha-paccaya upadanam. Upadana-paccaya bhavo. Bhava-paccaya jati. Jati-paccaya jara-maranam soka- parideva-dukkha-domanass’upayasa sambhavanti. Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa samudayo hoti.


Avijjaya tve’va asesa-viraga-nirodha sankhara-nirodho. Sankhara-nirodha vinnana-nirodho. Vinnana-nirodha nama-rupa-nirodho. Nama-rupa-nirodha salayatana-nirodho. Salayatana-nirodha phassa-nirodho. Phassa-nirodha vedana-nirodho. Vedana-nirodha tanha-nirodho. Tanha-nirodha upadana- nirodho. Upadana-nirodha bhava-nirodho. Bhava-nirodhajati-nirodho. Jati- nirodhajaramaranam soka-parideva-dukkha-domanass’upayasanirujjhanti. Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa nirodho hotl’ti


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