Confession and Repentance

Traditional Verses Requesting Forgiveness

Kâyena vâcâ cittena – Pamâdena mayâ katam
Accayam khama me bhante – Bhûri-paññâ Tathâgata
If by deeds, speech or thought heedlessly, I have done anything wrong, forgive me O Master! O Teacher, Great Wise One!

Kâyena vâcâ cittena – Pamâdena mayâ katam
Accayam khama me Dhamma – Sanditthika akalika
If by deeds, speech or thought heedlessly, I have done anything wrong, forgive me O Dhamma! Immediately seen and timeless!
Kâyena vâcâ cittena – Pamâdena mayâ katam
Accayam khama me Sangha – Supatipanna anuttara
If by deeds, speech or thought heedlessly, I have done anything wrong,forgive me O Sangha! Noble Ones who have taken the right path, unparalleled!


The Seven-Branch Prayer

Adapted from Ken McLeod’s translation in The Great Path of Awakening by Jamgon Kongtrul

With complete faith I bow
To all the victorious ones and their children
Who abide in the 10 directions and three times.
I offer flowers, incense, light,
Perfume, food, music, and many other things,
Both in substance and with my imagination.
I ask the noble assemblage to accept them.
I confess all evil actions that I have done,
Influenced by the defilements,
From time without beginning until now:
The five that ripen immediately,
The ten non-virtuous acts, and many others.
I rejoice in the merit of whatever virtue
Shravakas, pratyekabuddhas,
Bodhisattvas, and ordinary people
Gather throughout the three times.
I pray for the wheel of the dharma to be turned,
The 84,000 teachings
In ways suitable for the different aptitudes
And motivations present in sentient beings.
I ask the Buddhas not to pass into nirvana,
But, with great compassion and
Until samsara is completely empty,
To look after all sentient beings
Who drown in this ocean of sorrow.
May whatever merit I have accumulated
Become a seed for the enlightenment of all beings.
Without delay, may I become
A splendid leader for sentient beings.


  1. Today I allowed my own attachment to routine and comfort stand in the way of helping my wife. May I not do so again.

  2. You have seen your attachment.(Sati).You felt sorry because you enjoy while you wife doing housework.(Muditha trying to arise, but attachment(Upadana )prevent it.

    You have been defeated by Mara.Try to balance two sides.

    This is how I interpret.Sorry if I am wrong.

    Siripala Jagodage

    With Metta

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